The #MeToo campaign has unmasked the alarmingly widespread prevalence of sexual abuse in our culture. The pervasiveness and co-occurrence of domestic violence, child abuse and interpersonal violence all heed the same demand for awareness. For fundamental change to occur, awareness must give rise to a multi-dimensional plan of action and accountability.

Building on the momentum of #MeToo, the next step is to initiate a social movement to secure a world that is just and safe for all women, men, and children by taking action to implement this change.

Gender bias and misconceptions about sexual violence exist in all facets of our society, including the justice system. Me Too, Chapter 2 is about taking the next step forward.

With guidance from experienced victim advocates, members of the medical community and experts in the criminal justice system—the next phase is a call to action for the implementation of action and accountability.

#MeTooChapter2 is a campaign by RESPOND Against Violence, a collaborative multi-disciplinary alliance applying forward-thinking approaches to create accountable change in systems.